Apr 17, 2014



Watch: CNN compares traditional Maori greeting to Chippendales and horny emus

How long does it take for the most trusted news source to turn a boring non-story into a racist, xenophobic nightmare?

About 13 seconds it turns out, and that’s only because CNN news correspondent Jeanne Moos takes her time narrating the intro.

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The only thing surprising about this is that it wasn’t split-screened with the fucking plane.

How the eff does this get through editors and scripting, and make it through approval for broadcast.


Apr 17, 2014


X-Men, united.

(Source: theworldofcinema)

Apr 16, 2014
Apr 16, 2014
(via Ron’s Face)
So true.

(via Ron’s Face)
So true.

Apr 16, 2014

Fingerprint lock in Samsung Galaxy 5 easily defeated by whitehat hackers

We expected we’d be able to spoof the S5’s Finger Scanner, but I hoped it would at least be a challenge. The S5 Finger Scanner feature offers nothing new except—because of the way it is implemented in this Android device—slightly higher risk than that already posed by previous devices.

Ben Schlabs, a researcher at SRLabs

[emphasis added by me]

This is a complete mockery of everything. Samsung is so busy to rush a copy of Apple to market, that they actually weaken user security to do so.

Apr 14, 2014
Apr 14, 2014

NSA Said to Exploit Heartbleed Bug for Years – Marco.org

If an organized hacker ring sabotaged security standards and major tech infrastructure for years, compromising the security of hundreds of millions of people and many governments including our own (and potentially causing billions of dollars in damages when these exploits were found by others), and exploited any flaws they found or created to spy on millions of people in the world including our own citizens, what should they be charged with?

Mass criminal sabotage, cybercrime, cyberwarfare, and computer fraud? Obviously.

Terrorism? Maybe, but not quite.

At what point do the NSA’s actions qualify as treason?

I’d say they’re well past that point.

So true.


Apr 11, 2014

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby


“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Apr 11, 2014
Apr 9, 2014


Apr 6, 2014


Customer:“I open a document, file, print, wait for it to finish loading, then unplug the printer cable and carry it across the room to the printer while holding the ends up so the data doesn’t spill out, and plug it into the printer and it prints. And it worked like that yesterday.”


Just WOW!!

(Source: notalwaysright.com)

Apr 4, 2014
Mozilla believes both in equality and freedom of speech.
(via Brendan Eich Steps Down as Mozilla CEO | The Mozilla Blog)
Unless you say something that a vocal portion of the public don’t like. Freedom of speech is NOT freedom of speech if it must meet your standards.
Apr 2, 2014

80 Mennonites pick up and move a house (by Dave Johnson)

Apr 2, 2014
I said ‘wow,’ I wish we didn’t have a salary cap.

LeBron James, upon hearing about Miguel Cabrera’s new contract that guarantees him $292 million over the next 10 years.

Hard to feel bad for someone making $19 million a year, but pretty crazy how many baseball players are now making more than him.

(via parislemon)

Apr 2, 2014

Best Shift Ever - Waitress Receives Life-Changing Tip (by Break)
Fantastic!! Just awesome!!

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